Halifax to Beirut with love

This Fundraiser is in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross and as a community we have raised over $100,000. Please keep Beirut in your prayers.

The Goal

My goal is to raise awareness and as much funds as possible for the Lebanese Red Cross. Please help me reach the goal of sending $20,000 $40,000 to the suffering people in Beirut.

**All donations made will be through the Red Cross and donors will receive tax receipts.**

Here is a picture of my good friend Michel who was hurt by the blast he is now in the hospital recovering.

On August 4, 2020 an explosion shook the heart of Beirut, Lebanon’s Capital killing hundreds of innocent lives, wounding more than 7000 and leaving 300,000 people without homes.


My name is Jaden Lawen I am 17 years old and a proud Canadian-Lebanese citizen. Immediately after hearing the news of Beirut, I instantly began contacting my closest friends whom I spend each summer with for the past ten years.  I did not realize the severity and impact on the lives of the entire Lebanese until I began to receive photos of my closest friends in the hospital and listened to their heart wrenching stories.  My wish was to be on the ground helping with my bare hands in whatever capacity I could, however, this was not possible due to the global pandemic.  As a student leader at the Sacred Heart School of Halifax and also president of the Teen SOYO at the Saint Antonios Antiochian Church I want to make a difference and be a youth ambassador. My call to action is to ask you to join me in doing all that we can to help the people of Beirut through the Red Cross. Thank you for helping me promote and advocate for this important and personal cause. Feel free to contact though email: [email protected] or instagram: @jadenlawen